came home to snow and the discovery that my internets had been disconnected. took 2 hours of phone calls to convince various out-sourced folks that my new apt. was indeed already wired for same, and so turning them off was not truly a necessary precursor to wiring the house. hilariously, pointing them to an email i sent 10 days prior from same internet-positive connection failed to sway the argument. thank you to jeremy, the old tech guy, who got be back running in less than 45 minutes.

* new orleans felt so much like home that i continually had to remind myself that i did not ‘remember’ this or that intersection.

* on happenstance, met a young man thursday night who took me for a great walking tour of the garden district. B. was quick to mention that he less than a week ago found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. it took him a good 4 hours longer to disclose that he was a long-time RPG geek. we both owned up to rocky horror pasts, but southern politeness prevented us from delving into the star trek v. firefly conversation.

* while cutting the heat with B. and a bit of whiskey at a random bar, we were accosted by conversation by the pub’s lovable barfly, one Mr. Frank. Mr. Frank meandered into stories of running stage crew for some big-name music shows along the east coast in the 90s…. as improbable as it seems, come to find out he knows a dear friend of mine, now living in costa rica, who was part of that elite group.

* had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of actually shopping with the exquisite Harriot of Ginny & Harriot fame for 82-degree appropriate clothing. i am extremely grateful for the assistance, and happier still for the company!

* met the man who does this:

*met the person who tagged the width of Manhattan:

more of Momo’s work is here. worth a good long look.

* met the incredibly talented (and seriously fun) Mitchell Long.

* came home to discover that our own talented William Schaff has been reviving the art of guerrilla installations.

Occupy New York notes and more photos to follow, once i get the camera battery back to life.

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