St. Roch

The chapel of St. Roch sits in the middle of a small cemetery in the St. Roch section of New Orleans. Established in 1868, it is attributed to the work of a German priest named Rev. Thevis. Legend has it that during the yellow fever epidemic of 1867, Rev. Thevis promised God that he would build the chapel in honor of St. Roch if no one in his parish died. The chapel is full of crutches, discarded prosthetics, odd body parts, hand-written notes, bricks simply saying “thanks” or “merci”

While I was there, the chapel was being ‘renovated,’ which – to my eye – looked to be 2 illegal workers touching up paint and dropping very heavy things from high up on really poorly-constructed scaffoldings onto the floor and occasionally the altar. It distressed me. Wasn’t much i could do about the dirt, but I moved away some of the poles and set back upright a very old statue of the virgin mary that had been lying on her side long enough to get dusty.


More photos here.

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