NYC :: fascinated by depth

new york impresses itself mostly in two dimensions: height and distance. there is before you, there behind you, and there is above you; but the sense of width — linear space to the left and right — rarely happens. i’m sure this is why i found myself peering deeply into this particular florescently lit empty storefront on my return one evening from dinner.

white-lit against the evening dark, the depth seemed impossible, and through the window of MY door, another doorway and door, bricks bared, opening up to yet… another door. what i would have given to walked through the final door. the colors — grey, white, flashed with one exposed brick, red padlock and a forest green strike plate, and the inscrutable, intentionally stenciled, “ZIPP!”

peeking into an empty storefront on the way back from dinner
.. white-lit against the evening dark; the distance, the wall and yet another door...
... the flares of red and green - ZIPP! a door to what??

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