travel: tales’ end

how long has it been since i’ve been back — 9, 10 days? might as well been that the earth has tilted on its axis since then.

i’m rummaging thru my photos and notes to see if there is anything left worth mentioning.

there are the 2 hours i spent in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC – the closest we have to a national church — compared to the spare 2 minutes i could stomach St. Louis’ in Jackson square.

hands-down my favorite technology this time was the Virgin mobile broadband and my monopod; the latter with me most everywhere, camera perched on top like some crazy-ass crozier.

but this is the last of the box-within-a-box-within-a-boxes that needs a final sweeping and the keys returned. there are things here itching for my attention: check back in a week or so to see what new nonsense i’ve brought from dry soil.

this adventure is closed.

Don’t look back.

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