Three new toys…

just a quick post because i want to get back to work. three additions to the growing ‘sound’ family. just blown away by the resonance of all three… the fisher price solution, too, is insanely simple. thin plastic sound cone, which amplifies like no one’s business. it took me 2 ½ days to get the thing apart — i’d forgotten FP uses proprietary screws. end solution was a 1″ hole bore for the drill, then lots and lots of careful prying and cutting and twisting and peering. if i’m going to spend this much time destroying the structural integrity of things, i need to get eye protection.

i took the fisher price turntable to HomeDepot with me… it passed thru the hands of 3 burly dudes, and each one grinned when they saw it — “hey, i had one of these when i was a kid…”

that’s *exactly* the reaction i want. it was encouraging.

the legless piano is a mystery, as well: minor key?? played it all night. i want to do a duet with ΔΔ ΔΔ ΔΔ.

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