Palette up.

palette up

palette is mounted on the wall. using a base of a camping mat proving to be problematic — it wants to dip and bend depending on the temperature of the room. a better choice would’ve been solid styrene packing foam that comes around some high-end electronics, but had none on hand. certainly, nothing in the size i needed. oh – and free. did i mention free? we like free here.

figuring this stuff out is three-quarters of the fun: i need something lightweight enough to attach to a wall, with enough internal structure so that it will (a) hold its shape and (b) not crumble when i attach the pips; receptive to fabric being glued on it; and thick yet giving enough that i can poke pins into it.

the pips will be secured to the palette with straight pins — much like butterflies mounted for display.

the color is deceptive here: the fabric is deep royal blue velvet upholstery fabric.

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