The unknown unknowns

the plan has been to mount the pips on the palette with ball-end straight pins: reference both quilting and the mounting of specimens. the single-colored pins available to me, however, come in either crime-scene yellow or the chromatic aberration known as ‘pearlescence.’ the only option was to buy a box of cheap pins and paint them. in between the kits and cut-outs and pre-printed needlepoint patterns, i found a tiny display of Testor paints. an old man with an oxygen tank in a wheelchair, a chubby 10-year-old boy, & i huddled around the tiny display, each trying to find what we could use from the anemic options while not interfering too much with each other. 2/3rds of us could have used way bigger fonts on the bottles.

periodically, the topic of ‘what differentiates Arts from Crafts’ comes up amongst creatives. i have one answer: crafts are a murder of day-glo and primarys.

400+ pin heads painted. i’m to the part of the project where words like ‘painstakingly’ and ‘patiently’ give way to ‘annoying.’

pins - before

pins - after

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