it seems that during the move, the blade on my circle cutter got offset by about 1/16″. thus, most of what i cut the other night are unusable, or usable only with some additional attention….

… the medallions i’m using are shiny silver, but i do not want the color or glint of the medal anywhere in the piece. my first step has been to paint each medallion with a coat of flat neutral Krylon, to prevent silver-glints from any slight mis-cutting or misalignment. fastest, smoothest solution. i’ve moved the base medallions so much now that some of the paint has chipped off the edges, so some of these are going to need some manual, 10-hair-brush touch ups before i hang them.

after gluing a pip to the medallion, i check to see if there is any over-hanging paper. any paper circle larger than the medallion is carefully sized using fine-grain sandpaper. it’s a hell of a lot more precise and mistake-proof than trying to trim with an exacto knife.

pip problems1
pip problems 2
pip problems 3

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