I’ve been working to finish up a couple of promised collaborative elements before the all-hands mayhem of the Fab Academy begins. Have been recording the toy pianos in various places. Of particular interest was a hallway in my building. The structure is 3-storys — the top 2 floors was a single house, built in the 1870s, which – in an act of architectural peculiarity – was lifted in 1930, and a 3rd floor constructed *beneath* the existing house. The net result for this adventure is a semi-open, 3-story staircase constructed of aged hardwoods and plaster. The echo is fantastic. Setting up and tearing down during the brief moments the building is empty — not so much.

Solution — tiny computers and long cables:

Equipment —

  • Lenovo Nettop 40814AU
  • Griffin iMic external soundcard
  • Sony ECM-DS70P microphone
  • One trusty – if slightly misused – mini-camera tripod.

  • Where I record determines the computer I can use. Using the iMic lets me get a consistent sound regardless of machine. Certainly makes audio clean-up a lot easier.

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