New on the bookshelf.

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Making Things Move, by Dustyn Roberts

507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices, by Henry T. Brown

Automata and Mechanical Toys, by Rodney Peppé

Cabaret Mechanical Movement, by Aidan Lawrence Onn & Gary Alexander

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3 Responses to New on the bookshelf.

  1. garret says:
    • aimante says:

      yes — that be the one!

      for me, when it comes to reference books in particular, i want the pages to turn and the magic that happens from flipping thru and suddenly landing on exactly what i needed.

      kudos to Dover Publications for bringing this one back to life in (another) quality production.

  2. garret says:

    Dover ranks right up there with Edmund Scientific as being a ‘national treasure.’ (I’m thinking of the ‘old’ Edmund, filled with bins of the war-surplus tech leftovers of WWII and Korea).

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