Nuisance and the mother of invention…

This one was born out of the perennial nuisance I’ve had in web-chatting. I have a laptop camera but often chat from my desk computer… or from somewhere entirely in the room, and I’d have to find curtain or lampshade or set up a tripod to get it all working. The C-clamp tripod I had on hand; the remainder was random hardware I scrounged up from around the house. Biggest challenge was finding screws short enough and nuts to fit THOSE. The squares on the far right are felt furniture pads, and yeah, the thing on the far left is a heavy-duty picture / mirror hanger:
The stuff

The creation:
The creation

The Beast, compiled:
The beast

The C-clamp camera mount allows for a wide range of angle and placement and the camera itself rotates 360° horizontally and about 15° vertically, so I can fine-tune the actual angle. As a very important added bonus — I get my nose so deep in any given project that I frequently forget to snap pictures of each step. Frustrating when putting things together, but truly problematic when I’m taking things apart. Now I can record exactly how many times I forget to stop and document my process.. :)

In action 1

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One Response to Nuisance and the mother of invention…

  1. garret says:

    Is the microphone clip clipped to the furniture pad and vertical metal “L” bracket? Can’t quite tell from the photo.

    Just a suggestion … I’ve had good luck using chunks of Sorbothane insoles for the same purposes you’re using those furniture pads. Soaks up more vibration/excess noise.

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